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190 three and four bedroom single family homes in Oxnard.

In the coastal community of Oxnard, California, we joint-ventured with a publicly held company to redefine the way high density housing is planned and developed.

Working with outstanding architects, we managed to build 190 homes at a density of 10 dwellings per acre, while providing generous back and side yards, and a neighborhood feeling that emphasizes pedestrian interaction instead of the isolation that results from a car-oriented design.

How did we accomplish so much with such small lots? Several ways.

First, we made sure there were adequate sidewalks and parkways to enable people to walk around their neighborhood more easily, and to make the experience more pleasurable.

Second, we reserved a big open space at the development's center that became the focus of social interaction.

Third, we designed the homes and yards to maximize each lot's potential. We pushed garages back from the street so they wouldn't dominate the front elevations, and added a real front porch; not a "porch-like" feature, but a usable covered area that can accommodate swings or patio furniture. We set up the back yards to interlock in a way that also gives our owners big side yards with plenty of room for gardening or a safe play area for their children.

The overall result: homes that feel like they're meant for families, instead of just their cars. That encourages interaction instead of inhibiting it. That transforms the idea of high density housing into a beautiful, welcoming neighborhood. One that sold out in just eight months, at an average of 24 homes a month.

El Paseo won the HUD Secretary's Platinum Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing and received two Gold and five Silver awards, including recognition as one of the best detached communities of the year, at the NAHB sponsored "Nationals".
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