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Transformation doesn't just happen. It requires a catalyst – like Community Dynamics. We develop and build top quality residential and mixed use communities throughout California. Working together with municipal agencies, financial institutions and our investor partners, we revitalize established urban neighborhoods with innovative and adaptive mixed use, infill development.

When we move to outlying areas, we design our residential communities for long term sustainability, attending to such issues as regional transportation, proximity to the workplace, and energy efficient and environmentally sound design and technologies. And we try to deliver more than housing by teaming up with planning and housing agencies, as well as community based non profits, to ensure the provision of adequate day care, education and recreation for the residents of our communities.

Over the years, we've successfully structured financing for a variety of programs involving CalHFA, HUD, Fannie Mae, FHA, the Federal Home Loan Bank and the community lending departments of several major banking institutions. Projects we've developed have been featured in national publications, and selected for recognition by the California Redevelopment Association, the Pacific Coast Builder's Conference, the National Association of Home Builders, and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

How do we do it? At Community Dynamics we're committed to these goals:
  • To contribute to the long term sustainability and vitality of the communities in which we build.
  • To deliver thoughtfully designed, well built developments for our customers, and to follow through with responsive service once they move in.
  • And to build developments which are profitable for us, and the financial and investor partners who put their faith in us.
In the process, we've transformed neighborhoods – and people's lives. Hard-working families have found their piece of the American Dream in our communities. They've given their children stability and hope for a brighter future. Interestingly, this whole journey has proven transformative for us as well, and we're eager to do even more.

So take a look at some of the communities we've built, and the remarkable changes that have taken place in the neighborhoods in which we've worked.
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